Welcome to ru-Net

The investment power behind some of the worlds most exciting technology companies

Having grown rapidly since its first pioneering investment in 1999, ru-Net is today one of the world's most innovative and ambitious Internet and Technology investment companies. ru-Net manages a diverse international portfolio of more than 40 investments spanning US, Europe,Russia, and Southeast Asia.

ru-Nets investment focus spans the full breadth of the international technology arena. From advanced IT automation, integration and outsourcing firms to energy technologies and the exciting world of the Internet and e-Commerce, ru-Net seeks to identify ideas and organisations that have the potential to become market leaders in their respective segments.

Driven by a passionate, principled and expert senior team, ru-Nets approach to investment is long term. Aiming not just to invest in, but also to partner with its target companies, ru-Net works to share knowledge, build capacity and develop expertise to help company teams achieve their growth ambitions. Combined with strict investment criteria, clear strategies and demonstrable investment goals, this approach is enabling ru-Net to shape a successful future for some of the worlds most exciting technology companies.